четверг, 6 августа 2009 г.

Headnoise Releases

- hardcore punk from Russia / fast raw punk from Czech

HDR 002 LP M:40 "Historiens svarta vingslag"
- Crust/hardcore from Lidköping, Sweden. Twelve songs of total fury!

HDR 003 EDDA / MINUALA split cd
- dark emotiaonal hardcore Poland vs. Russia

HDR OO4 M:40/Sand Creek Massacre - Split 7" EP
- written by Krogh [Blindead Mailorder, English]
M:40 have a few releases behind them by now, and on the three tracks on this split they continute to develop their hardcore/crust sound. It's fast and aggressive, but they aren't afraid to lower the tempo and perform some crushing tones and powerful rhythms as well. Faster and slower crustcore in a well executed blend. M:40 convinces more and more for each release.
Sand Creek Massacre are more dark in their approach and falls under the category of "modern crustcore". Not at all as aggressive and explosive as M:40, but still solid stuff.

HDR 005 ZORKA s/t CD
- 10 tracks of unholy black grindcore from Russia
"From Russia with love? Not this lot. Zorka debuts here with this ten-track CD and they don't waste any time messing around, but instead floor it from the start. For fourteen minutes we're treated to raging grind that leans towards metal in some tracks and punk in others. The two singers have a part in this with the growler being more metal sounding and the screamer bringing forth the punk, but musically they're also exploring both genres and are as many other good grind bands operating somewhere in between, blurring the "borders". There's also a nice Entombed reminiscent section in the closing "?????" ("Ashes"), showing that Zorka handles both the fast and the heavy stuff. No "comic" stuff, no gore, but angry political Russian lyrics dealing with the cold harsh reality.A solid and impressive debut no doubt and I'm looking forward to hear what they have in store for the future. [Krogh - May 21, 2009]" www.myspace.com/zorkaspgc
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